Wednesday, October 7, 2009

use more screen space in firefox

Many of my friends and not so friends have seemed to like google chrome browser in that it makes available more screen space for the web page to display. Of course its a good things, especially for laptops with wider screens and scant vertical space. However not many know that firefox has been customizable enough for long so that you can make available more space for you if you need. Though it cannot compete with chrome, you can still extract much more from it. Here's my compact menubar+addressbar+bookmarks bar in firefox all in a single line.
To do this right click on the menubar and click customize. Then modift the toolbars and menubars to your hearts content.

Here's my firefox compact look especially for notebooks. Also notice how the fastdial extension gives you access to most frequently used websites without the need of a separate bookmarks toolbar.

Notice what i did. Moved the addressbar, search bar and bookmarks bar into the menubar. Thats it.
Here's the customization screen

So enjoy the more real estate in firefox.

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