Friday, October 2, 2009


Now i present before you the much improved animate2.
Here are the major changes

  • Plot saving is fixed when multiple subplots are present
  • animate() is retained for compatibility, new users are expected to use animate2() with changed api for the function
  • Much more customizability
  • Plot frame traits (properties) can now be specified. Ex: plot title, axes labels, ticks, colors etc using extended traits notation to set the plot object properties
  • Each plot (line) can be customized. Plots can now be of various types such as scatted, line etc. Their properties can also be set such colors, thickness, style (dot-dash etc). Plots can also be labelled to add legends to the plot
  • Read the docstrings and the examples in __main__. They explain a lot of common uses.
So what are you waiting for. Try the latest animate2. Dont forget to check out the demo sample usage in the '__main__' section of the file
Check out the video below

Video with subtitles explaining the video is available here:

To run this you will need the Enthought tool suite ETS (only traits with wx backend and chaco are required)
Hope this is useful for someone.
You can get the code from here that is:

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