Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why i use Fedora linux

This question crops up fairly too often in my conversation with friends who use linux (most of them use ubuntu). So i decided to settle the matter once and for all.
My reason for using fedora is simple, its the same reason why some people like strawberry flavoured ice-creams and some hate it, its THEIR OWN PREFERENCE.
Also i first started with fedora because it was the first linux i ever saw (in my NSL computer lab for cs101 course). Yes, contrary to popular belief, i did not use linux from my childhood, the first computer in my home was 3 months before i joined IIT. And the first linux i saw was in IIT. I event learnt my first two languages C/C++ and Java by READING BOOKS, and even read the complete print copy of "Dive into Python" before actually diving into python!
The first linux i used was Knoppix live which came with a dvd of a magazine. I used it exclusively for 2 weeks as i didn't know how to install an os. Then after burning about 6-7 cds (i wasted a few) i installed my first linux, Fedora 5 Bordeaux and have installed every Fedora release ever since, and never felt the need to change my distro. Most of them are mostly the same from the inside.

However, just in case you want to make points, i'll list a few:

  • Fedora (+RH) devs work hard on bringing new features in linux. Many of the new features in linux are brought by them. For example the latest features in linux have been developed by fedora/RH devs including but not limited to the NetworkManager, pulseaudio, packagekit,.pulseaudio and many more. Also check
  •  The openness of fedora is what i really like and wish all the world were so open. By this open i do not mean open-source code, i mean openness of mind, acceptance of others, openness of governance, openness of activities, no hidden agenda.
  • The fedora features mention exactly what is there in a new fedora release (many of the things are own contributions). Compare with . I couldn't figure out what different from the previous release apart from firefox 3.5, openoffice 3.1 and ubuntuone.
  • Fedora stays closer to upstream and is generally more updated.
As someone put it somewhere on a blog, Fedora is about doing right, Ubuntu is about making things work. Of course you could make things work in short term by a few hacks,  but long term working requires doing the right thing :-)

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