Sunday, July 26, 2009

new sem

Once in a while, there come moments which jolt you and wake you up from your dreamland into reality, and you realise the true worth of life and regret all the moments you lost to your inertia to do things as you want. Now few days back i experienced such a thing. Though a fracture is not really a BIG deal, its still a pretty big deal.
Ok so i've fractured the base of my 5th MT (metatarsal) of the left leg (simply put, my foot). Hopping around in crutches is not good, especially in the rain. Actually i had a hypothesis, it rained so less this year just to protect me from getting wet in the rain (you know, the plaster of Paris cast on my leg shudn't get wet, and with crutches in my hands i cant even hold an umbrella). Anyway, one of the predictions of this theory is that it will start raining well again when the cast from my leg goes away. Hope the theory is really correct :-)
This has really been a life changing experience for me. I've really found out my true friends, who'd go to great lengths to make me feel comfortable. Separated the wheat from the chaff :-) Also i have begun to appreciate life much more than before. Too bad it take such a thing to wake us up to reality...