Thursday, November 11, 2010

python editors in python: spyder and iep

This post is gonna be about python editors (IDEs if you may call, not but quite so)

If you are looking for IDEs, check out pydev and SPE, these are some of the best ones out there with integrated debugging features. There's also a wing editor which many people say is quite good, but i've never used it

Here i'm gonna list opinions about IEP and Spyder. I'm really interested in both of them and run their repository version.
My main issue is i want a good editor for cython, for which i am willing to get my hands dirty (a bit) and add some features myself (see, so if any of you can help me or have an opinion please do so.

Common features:
Both are python editors written in python (pyqt)
Both provide code completion support and outline
Both have integrated python shells


Spyder seems a bit more mature project
Spyder has ipython shell which is more useful than a python shell
IEP has outline support for cython

Spyder seems to excessively misuse screen real estate - see this issue (editor areas are quite small)
IEP lacks some features such as tree file browser, shell variables, variable occurances marker, pylint support annotation
IEP is officially only for Python3, though you can surely work with python2 files (Also check if you really want to run it in python2 only)

Features both lack:
Graphical Debugger: get the code from pydev/winpdb to provide a graphical debugger
Cython support: I could certainly do well with more cython support. Outlining (iep does that), completion support in cython and goto definition (including into cython file from a python file)
Profiling support: Simply run profiling and put the result data into a table (spreadsheet widget)
Documentation: More documentation is needed for both the projects, especially developer documentation to implement new interesting plugins, such as profiling, debugging etc
Also it'd be cool if tooltips could be added to the editor to show documentation and other information on hovering on words in the editor, as in pydev

Few ideas:
Merge features from IEP to Spyder and vice versa. Add new features to both. Having two different projects is good in a way as it keep diversity and help in bringing new ideas. However that shouldn't mean they are independent without any co-operation. Both should surely work together to bring new features.

NOTE: The content may get outdated as you are reading it

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  1. Thanks for sharing... never heard of spyderlib. I was on a lookout for a good light weight IDE, seem like I'm settled on the same.