Saturday, October 30, 2010

cython functions coverage revsited

A few days back i showed how to get coverage of cython functions using Ned Batchelder's
In that post i had posted a patch to coveragepy to enable cython function coverage.

However i realize that many of my friends have never applied a patch before, dont have admin rights on few machines few other problems which may hinder their using this new feature, so here's a good new for you.

I've rewritten the patch into a single file . You can directly use this file instead of 'coverage' command to get cython function coverage, no need to patch anything. You still need to have Ned's coveragepy installed though.

All commands/options/configuration files for coveragepy are applicable here too.

To find coverage of cython files (pyx extension) you need to do following:
1. compile cython code to 'c' with directive profile=True
2. keep source pyx files in same locations as the compiled .so files
    i.e. use 'python build_ext --inplace' or 'python develop'
3. run coverage (this file) with the option timid enabled (can also set in in .coveragerc)
    i.e. 'python run --timid'

You can use nose test collector as follows:
$ python run /path/to/nosetests /path/to/source

replacing the /paths as appropriate

Download the file from here:

Reader's Bonus: If you can help me write a python c extension for this treat assured.
Hint: See Ned's coverage.tracer python c extension.

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