Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blend it like Blender

Few days back this summer, i decided to be a bit creative and joined a free (as in freedom) workshop on blender in my college. I attended only a few days, but blender was really impressive. The main aim of the workshop was to teach sufficient blender to enable you to create educational content. As such it was not meant to teach character animation. So in just a few days, i learnt a lot of basics of 3D modeling. Most of the initial time was taken up in learning the interface, but i can assure you that once you learn it, it enables you to be highly productive.
So here's a sample of what i did after just 3 days of learning blender. Of course as you know what happens in life, i've never been able to spend any time on blender since then...

The blend files can be downloaded from here Blender .blend file, Textures
Hope sometime i do get time to learn all the cool features of blender


  1. Nice Job Pan!!! Keep up the work.
    Hope some day you fully learn Blender and design my House(Free of cost!!!).

  2. sure, but i bet you wont be able to live in it ... (tolerate its beauty)